HTC is an explosive smartphone launched in year 2013. Samsung and Apple really got one competitor that effect their sales graph. The phone is simply good in design and performance that everyone will buy it. The 4.7 inches HD screen with the quality that every eye needs and the exclusive sharpness in the phone is really appreciated. 
Out of all these, the CPU and the processor combination is really outstanding. Not only this the storage space upto 32 GB , high-end-Bluetooth , Wifi and 3G-4G connections make it leading smartphone. It`s camera quality is also very impressive: 4 MP primary-camera has better quality than other higher pixels smartphones.
Comparing it with BlackBerry Z10, it`s less sharp edges and slight curve at the bottom, make it more handy and less bold look. Carrying a Blackberry Z10 often makes it quite like a dead straight phone with black dark screen. HTC comes in few colors, the famous and most liked one is the white and black color. But no doubt, Z10 is more robust being waterproof and strong.

Updateviaz has brought you a via HTC one for the users who own it. We have made this via keeping in point to maintain the originality. If you have any kind of problem in using the via,you can contact us.

Update status via HTC one

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