Are You searching for update facebook via BlackBerry?Then you have come to right place.Black Berry is a most liked gadget and it`s presence really jealous your friends.Now by this link you will be able to post on facebook Via Blackberry.BlackBerry Updates recently made everyone shocked as this new brand is setting it`s business in a more up thrill way.
Before You Update Your status via BlackBerry on facebook.Have some info what is blackberry all about..The new techy mobile phones from the BlackBerry making a new way in the consumer market.Many user of iPhone are switching to blackberry.The BlackBerry Curve and other new phone like BlackBerry Torch are really thrilling in the minds of the gadgets lovers.The RIM(Research In Motion) developed various new apps and other software for making it`s cost a worth buying.The recent BlackBerry Torch has cost of 20k that`s a affordable range for the lovers of Technology.
BlackBerry Mobile Update Via ScreenShot

BlackBerry is available in many countries now including the German states where it is not liked earlier.The BlackBerry Messenger is also very popular.Various other companies are trying to buid the same for there phones.The latest example is Samsung Mobile Company.This company is a an Japan oriented company spreading it`s branches all over globe including various low countries.The Samsung has tried to copy theBlack Berry Chat Message Service.But the recent news say that it has successfully made that for their apps.The Samsung also has provided a new way to use other phone files in your phones via Bluetooth may be a copy of Apple iPhones.
History At Glance:
The BlackBerry set up in the year 1993 mid by a Canadian Company Named RIM.The BlackBerry first phone that came in market was 850,launcehd in the same year.
In 2003,the BlackBerry transformed their phones too SmartPhones.The phones which can provide you everything in hands.The BlackBerry Smartphones support messaging ,Net surfing,Camera Quality,Faxing technique,and other services which were never expected in a small phone.

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