Xperia Tablet Z Wifi, the smart-tablet made the tablet industry proud once again. Xperia series is achieving new heights in terms of features and specifications.  Xperia Tablet Z Wifi or Xperia Tablet Z LTE are two variants that Sony has put in market. It has been finally launched in US and European countries. What makes the Xperia Tablet Z Wifi best ? 

It is really a comfortable smart-tablet to read for hours holding a 10- inch High Definition tablet. Unlike, Apple iPad 3, its light weight and best for reading ebooks and watch HD videos while you are in Pool or in Bath tub. Yes, Xperia Tablet Z Wifi is dust and water resistance. After Sony Xperia Zlaunching, this feature really attracted many users to buy Xperia . Keeping this in mind , Sony added this feature in Xperia Tablet Z. Not only this, the powerful processor and high RAM beautifies it. 

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Wifi
Sony Xperia Tablet Z Wifi

The HD Reality Display makes you feel you are there with the razor-sharp , super bright display. The quality you get from HDTV is what this new tablet will provide you. The full-wide range of colours make the graphics more clear and vivid. The display is also protected by different layers to make it more robust. It has 1200 x 1920 resolution and LED-backlit LCD capacitive touch screen supporting 10 multiple touch.

From a universal remote, switch to big screen or share content in one-touch, this Xperia Tablet Z fits best.There are two different variants of Xperia Tablet Z- 
1. Xperia Tablet Z Wifi- Do not support LTE
2. Xperia Tablet Z LTE- Supports LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 2100 / 2600
The version Wifi do not have sim and 2G support. So you have to depend on Wifi to connect. While LTE support a microSim.

The tablet adds a front camera so that you can call online in HD. The front camera in Xperia Tablet Z Wifi is of 2.2 MP and back camera is of 8.1 MP . Both are having EXMOR R sensor to make the dim light captures even better than daylight. With water and dust resistant feature, you can capture sharp images and videos in water and in dusty conditions.
Updateviaz has made this via so that user can show their Smart- Tablet presence on face book.The cost of Xperia Tablet Z Wifi is around 599$- 699$ . So you can actually use it without earning it. 


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